AutSim (AUTism SIMulation): AutSim looks at cellular signaling and physiology changes in Autism disease models. The current model focuses on the pathways involved in synaptic activity-driven protein synthesis in pyramidal neurons from rodent models.

This model covers 40 signaling pathways specified using mass-action chemistry.These are substantially constrained by an extensive database of over 200 experiments.

Forthcoming milestones are:

a) to complete the base-level parameter fitting for the individual pathways.

b) to complete the fitting of inter-pathway interactions, leading to release of the v.1.0 wild-type model, and

c) to complete the fitting of model variants specific to the FMR1 mutation, which will culminate in the release of the v.1.0 FMR1 model.

At a later stage the model will expand to include physiological elements such as synaptic input and plasticity processes including those being investigated by the Plasticity project. Participants in the project include:

Upi Bhalla
NCBS Bangalore
Aditi Bhattacharya
InStem Bangalore
James Chellaiah
JNCASR Bangalore
Deepak Nair
IISc/CNS Bangalore
Shailesh Appukuttan
CNRS France
Sourav Bannerjee  
NBRC Manesar
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