The Signaling And Neurophysiology Knowledge-resource for Experiments and Theory (SANKET) seeks to develop data-driven, rigorously parameterized models of neuronal signaling across scales, in health and disease, and in a range of systems. The data, models, and tools are open so as to serve as a community resource for research, teaching, and translation.


What does Sanket mean?

SANKET means signal in Sanskrit

What do we do?

The SANKET consortium does experiments, databases, and models


What do we study?

How do we do it?

We get data from experiments. We codify the data and put it in databases.

We build models on which we run these experiments.

We build tools to run, visualize, and optimize these models.


Who can use it?

Everyone. SANKET is open: the models, the tools, and the structured database of encoded experiments

What can I do here?

Explore: Look at the projects, experiments, and models in SANKET

Try it out: Pick an experiments and run it on a predefined models.

Participate: Contact a team lead if you're interested in a project.



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